Three Tips to Enter the WooCommerce Extension Marketplace

When you manage the business development for the WooCommerce marketplace, you understand WooCommerce extensions. That is what Adepeju Oduye does and she shares three insights as you consider dropping into the Woo product space.

Consider Building a Theme

Here are three quick tips for extension builders who want to get started in 2021. Number one, consider building a theme. Every merchant pretty much needs a theme and it’s one of the key first purchases when setting up a store. Plus, themes are critical for engagement and conversion. According to digital marketing firm WebFX, 75% of a site’s credibility comes from design. It builds well on the design and code fronts, starting with a theme can be great business.

Focus on the Core Need and Product Quality

Number two, focus on the core need and product quality. Once you’ve identified a merchant need focus on the core features or functionality and build it really, really well. Many of the marketplace inbound submissions we received don’t make it past code review. But beyond trying to get the code as lean as possible, also aim for user flow that makes sense. Products that simply function as they should, are easy to navigate, and don’t break sites are already at an advantage.

Outsource If and Where Necessary

Number three, outsource if and where necessary. One of the amazing aspects of WooCommerce and its open source model is a large community that drives it. So don’t feel the need to juggle all roles when building or maintaining your product. Many of our vendors start selling in the market places, individuals or lean teams and use agencies, contractors to fill the gaps or keep focused on the task you prefer. So there you have it, three quick tips when you’re getting started in 2021.

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