Three Underestimated Marketing Channels for Your Online Store

This is a guest post from Patrick Rauland.

I consider myself pretty knowledgeable in eCommerce. But until you hear other eCommerce experts talking, you realize you will never know…

Local Events

One talk was about using local events (yes – like the farmer’s market!) to explode his business.

At their first weekend event they brought in $1,300. That was 3 times their monthly revenue at the time.

They now have a team of 10 and local events are 70% of their business.

I assumed there was no money to be made at teensy tiny local events. But he has turned it into a system. He evaluates each event to determine if they should do that event next year.

Customer Retention

Anyone who has been in eCommerce for a while knows how important it is to hold onto your customers. I assumed you had to do a ton of work to actually retain those customers.

Again – very wrong.

The trick was personalization. He’s always sending emails to his entire list. But he personalizes it with data from the email system (it probably helps that he built his own platform) to make it relevant to each person.

This exploded my brain!

You can do newsletter marketing to get new customers and personalize them to keep existing customers engaged.


Before this event, I thought Pinterest was mostly for wedding planning. But that’s an over-simplification.

It’s really a visual search engine. It’s like Google but people use it when they’re looking for visual results. And you can save & categorize those images. So people can search for your products, save them, and purchase three months later.

If you have decent product images (which you definitely should), look into Pinterest.

The person who spoke was able to increase his traffic 400% from Pinterest by optimizing his images for Pinterest. That’s it. Not hard to do and there’s a huge win.


One of the best things I have learned is that there’s so much opportunity out there. Even in channels where you wouldn’t normally look (like farmer’s markets).

Each business will excel in a different channel, so don’t commit to any one channel, SEO, Facebook, or Amazon, before you have to. Just because everyone else is buying Facebook ads doesn’t mean it’s the best thing for your business.