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Tumbling Around Tumblr

A long time ago I explored Tumblr and found it kind of intriguing. But as time passed it obviously became less and less intriguing.

Then Automattic Bought Tumblr

Now this may seem like some weird cop out for some people that what influenced me to revisit Tumblr was the fact that it was acquired by Automattic.

But hey, think about it. I have been using WordPress since 2006. In 2008 I can say that it was a big part of my stack with my current business and I was making money from it. By 2010 the brand BobWP evolved my business to be WordPress, all the time. Since then WordPress has been the core of my business and income. Plus it introduced me to a beautiful open source community.

So why wouldn’t I become more interested in Tumblr when Automattic acquired it.

Struggling to find my groove

When I reopened my account there, or reopened, whichever it was, I had to take some time to ponder on what I was going to do there. Because Tumblr is unique.

I remember talking to the COO of Tumblr at the State of the Word in NYC end of last year. Telling her that I was giving Tumblr the old college try and felt that I would eventually find my groove. Whatever that groove is.

So unlike others who dive into a social platform new to them with vigor and unleashing the hidden secrets of their lives, I eased on into it.

Now it’s part of my stack

A bit ago I bought my blue check marks on Tumblr because I wanted to support the platform while acquiring the “dig” on traditional blue marks

Shortly after that I blazed a post. Someone commented why they say it. Someone said the guy paid to do that. There was rumbling. Ha. I’ll likely do it again.

A few days ago I have committed to being more active on Tumblr. What’s my strategy? Well, so far I cannot even explain it. Maybe I am still testing the waters. Or maybe I am reverting back to the days of being in my own groove. Time will tell.

I also bought some more checkmarks, the rainbow ones.

Then I purchased the ad-free subscription. Why? Because I never click on ads and figured it was a easy price to pay to again help support the cause.

Best of all, I bought my custom domain, for my Tumblr blog.

I’m looking at gifts and how those work. Maybe when I start following more people, I will start sending some gifts.

In other words, I am now tumbling my way in Tumblr.

And if you want to follow my tumblings (not sure if I just made up that word or not), you can follow me here.

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