Tutorials, Videos and WooCommerce

When we announced our newest focus around WooCommerce news and community, we also noted that all of our content, which consists of tutorials and posted solutions for WooCommerce, would remain on the site.

I also took a step back from creating a lot of that content. But…

More Tutorials and Posts Are Coming Your Way

I will continue to write the tutorial posts here, as well as update existing content.

Although I don’t have a ton of videos on our posts here, the last decade has been filled with them via our WordPress content. But I’m going to take that up a notch here.

There will be new posts of course, but also videos will be showing up more:

  1. You will find more and more future posts either being video or accompanying the standard text and screenshots.
  2. There will be some stand-alone videos occasionally.
  3. Lastly, you will find videos added to our current posts. Some of these will be republished with the post content updated.

Of course, they will also be found over on our YouTube channel.

A Gallery of Videos

In addition, I will be creating an archive/gallery of all the videos here on the site as stand-alone, with links to more content when applicable.

My goal has always been to keep in line with all mediums and offer our audience a solution in a format they want to consume. I can’t promise perfection, but as always, I will give you my best shot.

Side note: if you are a plugin or extension developer, I am now offering video posts on your product. You can learn more about that here.

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