Are You Using Your Reports, System Status and Tools in WooCommerce?

Sometimes when we are using a powerful plugin like WooCommerce, we are so involved in the setting up of our site, we neglect things like tools and reports that come with them.

They may be something you don’t clearly understand. Or maybe a warning of using certain tools only in specific cases tend to shut your mind off and you don’t look back at them again. In any case, they may come in handy sometime and knowing they are there can be very helpful.

And I’ve seen this happen with WooCommerce a lot. So let’s take a quick look at what you have.


You can view several reports  that relate to Orders, Customers, Stock and Taxes. Each one has a few options, including an easy Export CSV feature. (Note: the screenshots are taken with a fresh install of WooCommerce, so there isn’t any data showing.)









The real advantage to these reports is the birds-eye view they give you of certain aspects of your online sales. Of course, there are other options out there for both sales analysis and site analytics that will take you much deeper.

System Status

This report is useful in lots of situations. It gives a birds-eye overview of the tech part of your site. And if you don’t understand most of it, no worries, as it can be helpful:

  1. If you are getting help or support and they have a specific question
  2. If you are letting someone work on your site, it gives them important data they may need in solving an issue.
status report for woocommerce sites


This can be helpful if you need to reset or clear some specific data in WooCommerce. Warning: Only use these tools if you fully understand what changes you are about to make—or if someone in support has recommended you do it. You may make a change you hadn’t intended to and end up losing some important information.


So don’t ignore what you have and keep in mind of what is available to you.

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