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UX, WordPress and eCommerce with Cathi Bosco and Jackie D’Elia

The goal of any online store owner is to make the user experience and as seamless as possible. So I thought it would be great to pull in the experts to give us some tips and insights.

WordPress, WooCommerce and UX

In this podcast, I chat with Cathi Bosco and Jackie D’Elia from UX All the Things.

I start by having both Cathi and Jackie share just how important content and design go hand-in-hand when it comes to good UX and your online store. Then we look at some of the failures they see most often and they share their ideas of how to make those work for your customers.

I cannot help myself by asking them their feelings towards pop-ups, specifically when it comes to an online store.

Jackie and Cathi dive a bit into both WordPress and WooCommerce, telling us how both of those bring a better user experience to the customer.

And lastly, I haven’t asked my guests this question for a long time. So stay tuned in to find what neither one of them would ever buy online.

Where you can find Cathi and Jackie