How to Get Real-time Backups for Your WooCommerce Online Store

For as long as I have used and taught WordPress, I have devoutly backed up my own site and consistently nudged my readers to do the same. Whether it’s a plugin or a service of your hosting plan, it’s essential that you have one—or a combination of these—in place. Even though your host likely provides a weekly or monthly backup, for peace of mind, you might you use a plugin for more frequent backups, or when you need to do one manually. Whatever you choose, just make sure that what you need is in place.

Jetpack’s VaultPress Backups

With the Jetpack Personal and Premium plans, you get VaultPress backups, which include daily backups as well as a 30-day archive. This is a pretty sweet deal. But with the Professional plan you not only get unlimited archives, but you will get real-time automated backups. This is where VaultPress really stands out when it comes to your online store.

Lots of Edits, Changes and Updates

As a store owner, the bigger your shop, the more likely you are doing constant changes: updating content and products, adding new products and making tweaks to your design or page layouts. In between all that, someone is doing site site maintenance. But there is nothing worse than doing three or four small changes makes something go sideways so that you lose them. Though they may be small tweaks, but important ones and when you lose them, it’s hard to remember exactly what you did. And a weekly backup is not going to save you if it took you less than five minutes to do them.

Although I don’t run an online store, here are some shots of the real-time automated backups on our site.

vaultpress live activity

When I visit my VaultPress dashboard, I see this overview.

vaultpress overview

If I clicked on my activity log, I would find the details. What’s cool here is if something weird has happened, I can see what I did to cause it.

vaultpress activity log

If you look at the backups, you will see what is labeled as real-time backups. I think of them as incremental backups, several each day. You can go to any dates to find backups from those times as well.

vaultpress real time backups

It’s easy to restore any of these backups. Also, if you want to know what files are going to be restored or changed by the backup, you can click the View Backup button.

vaultpress view backup

So if you run an online store, real-time backups from Jetpack’s VaultPress can give you that comforting peace of mind.