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What About Some Added WordPress and WooCommerce Tips?

It has occurred to me that I have this site here and over on Do the Woo I have some massive content. When I say massive, I mean transcripts of podcasts where professionals have shared hundreds, if not thousands of tips.

Each single show it filled with them.

So, what to do? Oh, maybe I should start reposting them here. And by that, I mean with a bit of editing there could be some very useful, and short posts that will help most anyone who builds with WordPress or WooCommerce, no matter the level. Heck maybe even some nuggets for users.

It’s like I’m going back in time LOL.

Do you feel like I’m asking you for your thoughts. Well it so happens that I have opened comments here, and that should give you some indication that I am happy to hear from you.

Will your thoughts drive me to where I should do this or not. Nope. Decision made and soon you will start seeing those tips with kudos to the proper peeps in the community.

But don’t worry, I will still write about podcasting, blogging, community and other various topics that seem to always be on my mind.

For the record, the key words here are tips. These are not going to be tutorials, product reviews or WordPress news. Simply nuggets from other smart peeps in the space.

And why stop there? Maybe I will drop in some other things I think of along the way. Stuff I pick up in the community. Not really news, but maybe something I would like to highlight.

Because, hey, over on Do the Woo I work hard to elevate the voices. Might as well do the same here.

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