What is a WooCommerce Builder?

What is a WooCommerce builder? A builder, creator, developer designer. Maybe, but it’s a lot more.

The WooCommerce Site Builder

A site builder is a person that puts all the components together. Maybe they borrow from other places through plugins, themes etc. But it’s people that are taking component parts and they’re making something for either themselves or somebody else. Anybody can be a builder, but they have their own specialties.

Think About the Builder Ecosystem

Look at the bigger ecosystem of WordPress. A lot of people who are succeeding with WordPress are getting in there and doing things themselves. Essentially, it’s like they’re building.

But the more defined builder is typically building on behalf of store owners, either through service or through plugins and they become part of the ecosystem. There are people in this community that just do it for themselves, but most of them are really focused on either providing service or plugins products for people who are running their own stores.

Coders and Developers

When you think about builders who put a store together and supports that store, the default thought of what that means is a coder or a developer. It’s a similar situation with people that build WordPress sites too. When they say, Hey, I built sites with WordPress, most of us react that they are a developer or coder. But then there is the power expert level user that can install extensions and plugins, activate them, configure them. They are building stores without knowing code. But yet they are builders.

On the other hand, those who builder the products are those building with code. They need to understand so many aspects of a shop and how it runs on WooCommerce, so that they can integrate it to ensure it runs smoothly. They rely on code.

The Agencies

From an agency perspective, they’re generally working on larger WooCommerce sites. Naturally there will be some kind of custom code or custom functionality that they are hired for because an agency is more qualified to do that work. But the average WooCommerce store has more to do with putting the components together. For example, the PayPal extensions, the merchant, the shipping, all those pieces to create a perfectly capable running store that can make millions of dollars without writing one single line of code. And you can do a lot in WooCommerce without writing code.

It’s important to just keep that in mind that a WooCommerce builder isn’t pigeonholed. They build products, services and websites, often as a business, whether individual or a large team.

The Biz Side of Things

Lastly, not matter what you build or how you build it likely you are part of a business or own a business. So supporting builders here I know that it must include supporting your business. That is not about code. That is not about plugins. The builder needs to know how to do those things, but also how to run a business or work on a team in an existing business. Often builders are business owners as well.

Circling Back to the Beginning

There are builders and there are merchants. A builder builds. Their mindset is unique and in the WooCommerce space, and open source, there are elements that are even more specific to a builder in that space.

So that is why I created Do the Woo, a site to support, inform and connect that community of Woo builders.