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What Exactly is WooCommerce Connect? A Chat with Automattician Jeff Stieler

In this podcast, we thought we would explore what WooCommerce Connect is all about, in light of the announcement last week. If you haven’t heard about it yet, check out that link and get involved with beta testing its first feature.

A post on WooThemes dove into some of the details and summed it up as:

We’re building a way to connect services to WooCommerce that makes use of hosted components to simplify the process and create a better experience.

I jumped into it over this last weekend and must say that I was impressed and can see some positive potential for WooCommerce users,  as far as making the experience of using Woo that much easier.

I hope you join us as I talk with Jeff Stieler who is a Code Wrangler at Automattic. Having worked with—‚and continuing to work directly on WooCommerce Connect— he shares his insights with us.

Originally from our series, Do the Woo.

What we chatted about:

  • What exactly WooCommerce Connect is and who it’s for
  • WooCommerce Connect and Jetpack
  • What does this mean for the plugin WooCommerce
  • The future of this service and how it plays into