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What Sets a Good Freelance Developer Apart From the Others

Freelancing is not for the weak-hearted. It takes a lot of grit, empathy and courage. Some who choose that path wouldn’t have it any other way. There are opportunities they are given that would not have been the same if they were working for a company or an agency. And although you might be thinking that the freedom alone is one of the strong points, when it comes to what really sets apart a good freelancer if beyond that creative drive.

The Super Power of Building Relationships

A lot of developers start their career opening an agency. You spend your time trying to gain clients, trying to provide solutions, running after different projects. But for some freelancing is the best route. Whether it’s yourself, or you work for a company like Codeable, it provides the best way to get the kind of clients you want. Ideally, those who are respectful, and they appreciate your work, and they return to you and you build a relationship with them.

What many developers have admired the most about the freelancing is the relationship that you can build with clients.

Freelancing Gives You the Ability to Communication with Clients

With the ability to communicate with clients, to express yourself, to even talk about technical stuff and not only the technical stuff. All of that together makes it much more sense to as a human being and as a system solver or provider, to work with clients than any other way.

What sets a good freelancer apart is the ability to build relationships. It’s never about what that customer needs now or what that customer might need now, it’s about supplying them with what they need now in such a manner that they are always going to come back to you for it. You are their trusted partner in this journey that they are making with their website, and they will always come back to you. It’s about establishing those relationships in very solid manner. And it’s about the small things. It’s about saying, please, thank you, or remembering them on a holiday and saying, “Hey, happy holiday.” It’s the little things that make it.

The Hardest Part is the Soft Stuff, Not the Technical Stuff.

As a result, what sets a really amazing freelancer apart from ones that tackle the hardest part, the soft skills. That’s the most difficult part to really tone down.

The technical stuff you can learn in a book. Saying it’s not hard I suppose is reductive. But you’re capable of learning it with ease, there’s a structure to it. The soft stuff is the harder piece of it.

This post was inspired by the conversation with Christopher and Marcel on the podcast.

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