What’s New in WooCommerce 3.7

WooCommerce 3.7 came out a couple of days ago. So what’s new?

New and Improved Blocks

There are three new blocks and added UI and options for the Featured Product block.

Branded Blocks

WooCommerce blocks are now branded with the Woo logo to help them stand out.

WooCommerce branded blocks

New Blocks

The new blocks are:

  • Featured Category
  • Product Categories List
  • Products by Tag
New blocks in WooCommerce 3.7

Improvements on Featured Product Block

First off, this block has a new focal point picker. Secondly, it now includes the ability to choose variations as well.

Email Default “Thanks”: Replaced

Previously, coded in to the email was a default “Thanks” where you couldn’t change the wording without dealing with code.

Now an Additional Content field has been added where you can put in a personal thanks.

Additional content field in emails for a thank you

Automatically Generate Coupon Codes

In the Coupon Admin, you can now have Woo generate your coupon code. Although you may prefer to still create your own custom coupons, this could come in handy at times and you could even add your own prefix (eg. brand).

WordPress 4.9+ and PHP 5.6+ Required

These upgraded versions will be nudged appropriately with future updates which, of course, encourages store owners to stay updated for their stores’ best performance.

Performance Improvements

For those of you interested in seeing what is behind the scenes, here are the improvements as taken from the WooCommerce post.

  • Tax classes have moved from using the wp options table to a new dedicated tax class table.
  • Reduced the number of queries to populate variations.
  • Excluded Action Scheduler tasks from all comments queries, speeding up page load times considerably on pages where comment data is loaded (product reviews, post comments, admin pages).
  • Fixed a persistent performance bottleneck on the cart.

Go Forth and Update

As always, back up and test. I always recommend testing in a staging area before updating your store.

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