When Building WooCommerce Extensions, Listen and Find That Niche

When you are thinking of building an extension for WooCommerce, you may be inundated by the sheer volume of existing products. But as Kathy Darling noted in a recent podcast, and from her experience of creating solutions that do one thing and do them well, it’s about listening and discovering that niche.

Myself, I have always been impressed with plugins and extensions that do one thing and they do it good.

Entering the WooCommerce Marketplace

If you are looking to enter the marketplace in 2021, my top piece of advice would be to be a good listener. If you talk to businesses, ask them what they are struggling to do right now. All of my products emerged from things my current clients needed to do.

While the marketplace is a lot more saturated than when I started, I think there’s still space for releasing new products. You can always build a better mousetrap, so to speak. I’d especially recommend looking at the in-between spaces of the marketplace. If a store owner is using three to four plugins, a handful of custom snippets to cobble together what they need, maybe something more specialized would serve their niche better.

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