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Where in the World are the WordPressers?

I am all about people and the community. So it shouldn’t surprise you when it gets my attention that one of our hosts over on Do the Woo launches a project that maps out people, worldwide, in the community. It’s been in the wild for sometime, but you really need to check out The WP World.

The backstory and privacy info is shared so you have no worries about that. There are features being snuck in all the time, and you can also check out past and future WordCamps.

Not sure what other things Marcus has in his plans, but kudos for him helping us stay all connected. And I won’t keep you any longer with this post, head on over and check out his site now.

And btw, we love it so at Do the Woo, we are proud sponsors of his project along with some other great WordPress businesses.

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