Where to Learn WooCommerce

If you are merchant or shop owner just getting started with WooCommerce, it’s hard to navigate the world of learning Woo. We all use Google and social groups, but often that is just a gamble. And more often, confusing.

Of course, you can learn some specifics here as well as our overview, but you may need something deeper, or more sequential.

My Own Personal Favorites of Where to Learn WooCommerce

These are resources that can help get your started, or to grow. They aren’t blogs (with one exception), which there are aplenty, including my own. These are hand-select and I will tell you why I recommend each one.

WooCommerce.com Blog

This is the one exception. Why? Because it’s coming for the source. The focus on this blog is beginners and helps you navigate both the basics and also help in starting to sell with your WooCommerce shop.

WooCommerce Live

This weekly video is perfect for the beginner and/or the merchant. You learn more about it right here on BobWP.


WP101 is the mainstay for educational learning in the WordPress space and has been for 10 years. Shawn is not only a good friend, but a valuable asset to the community for the work he has put into it. Aside from the other videos you will get there, they have a WooCommerce series that will help you easily grasp the basics. They are short, concise, easy-to-understand and are kept up-to-date.

LinkedIn Learning

Not only do you get access to some great WooCommerce resources, but a lot more I’m sure you would find useful. This resource has been one that several people I know have raved about. Patrick Rauland, eCommerce expert and formally at WooCommerce, has a great series on WooCommerce there.