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Why I’m Taking a Different Approach with Transcripts for the Podcast

This is the first of the editorials we will be adding to our news stream.

With the support from WooCommerce and our Friends of Do the Woo, we are now able to offer transcripts for the podcast.

Yes, Accessibility Matters

In July of 2016 we did a podcast on the WP eCommerce Show about accessibility. This was Episode 21, the turning point for adding transcripts to the show.

And although we were able to provide them for quite some time, they were eventually dropped and we supplemented with various forms of show notes instead.


As is the case for many who cannot provide transcripts, it’s always a matter of resources: time and money. I’m not using this as an excuse, it’s more of a reality.

You have two clear choices. Pay a lower amount and have automated transcripts that require a lot of editing or pay a higher amount for human-generated transcripts.

We understand the importance of transcripts for both people who are challenged with hearing and for those who find transcripts preferred over audio. Of course, there are many other reasons as well. I’m not here to reiterate all the reasons. We know their importance.

Our Approach to Transcripts

In a perfect world, at least from a resource perception, you can get transcripts that require very little editing and do not heavily impact workload. This was our initial intention, but it changed.

Even the best transcribed podcast can lose some of its impact. And although transcripts are meant to be just that, they are not always the most easily read or understood. The result was the decision to go with the automated option and edit the heck out of them.

What I’ve learned is that sometimes there are parts of the conversation that are easily defined when listening but don’t translate into making sense when it comes to the written word.

That old saying, lost in translation.

The conversation, the industry terms and the context are not understood well enough to interpret it correctly through a third-party transcriptionist. Who better to understand it than one of the hosts?

As a result, I spend a good chunk of time rewriting and editing the transcript.

Then Judy spends another chunk of time rewriting and editing my work.

Yes, you may think we are crazy. Heck, maybe we are. But it’s what we are going to do for awhile and see how much our efforts are rewarded.

This doesn’t even touch on what we can do with repurposing the content.

I didn’t write this post to make you feel guilty with your own transcript process nor would I necessarily recommend you do it this way.

I wrote it again to wrap back around to the importance of having WooCommerce as a Community Sponsor and our Friends of Do the Woo to give us the resources to cover the time we spend on this part of our site.

I hope you enjoy the transcripts and I’m sure we will find other ways to make them even better for you.