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Will Any Single WordPress Theme Help You With Conversions?


Will Any Single WordPress Theme Help You With Conversions?

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When someone expects a theme to help with ad conversions, well, they don’t understand the role of their WordPress theme.

Will Your Theme Help You With WooCommerce Store Conversions?

Awhile back I got a comment on a post that I did on a theme. Here it is paraphrased:

I’m using this theme on my new WordPress site, I hope it converts well too in terms of Adsense.

Of course this is a fair question and many people new to WordPress count on their theme for a lot. But it had me thinking that it falls in the area of the question:

Will xxxx theme help me to monetize my site?

Back to the comment. I kept it brief, and of course used the standard, it-depends reply, which probably wasn’t a lot of help. But seriously, the answer is:

Yes. No. Maybe. Depends.

Your WordPress Theme is a Tool for Your Monetization

Think of it this way. Your theme is a tool, not the all-end to your WordPress needs. As with any tool, you will use it smartly, or you will screw things up.

Your theme is jigsaw puzzle. Depending on your content, you have these spaces where you will insert this content, whether it’s text, video, audio, graphics, or a call-to-action. The template may allow you to be more versatile with the kind of content you can add to specific areas. This is very true when it comes to the layout of your homepage. Or you may be using a page builder where you have more control over the layout of each page.

And going one step further, depending on your strategy for conversions, you likely will need other tools, or should I say plugins. For example, you may need the help of a good optin plugin for your site. Or perhaps a way to manage your ads or affiliate links on your site. In almost every case you will discover what will be needed.

But in the end, it will all fall on you.

Will your product or service sell?

Will you place your content strategically to make the process of sales an easy one for your potential customers?

Will your content, in whatever medium it is, convert to a sales?

Will you have done all you need to do to bring traffic to your site and keep them coming back?

Choosing Your WordPress Theme for Your Monetizing Site

When I look back at the question about whether a certain theme will help with Adsense conversions, if chosen right, and a lot of work went into the content, it could have an indirect, positive effect. And no matter how you are monetizing your site, it’s something to keep in mind as you look for your theme.

With WooCommerce specifically, you cannot go wrong with either Storefront or Astra Pro, as one is made by WooCommerce, while the other is recommended by many WooCommerce experts.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t hundreds of others that might fit your need for your WooCommerce site.

With that said, let me give you a simple example. Take Genesis and all of it’s child themes. (I mention this only because I have used them for this site for years, and when I did client design, I used them a lot as well.)

If you were pondering some monetization, and were to go here and see what StudioPress has available, you could those thoughts I shared with you and in the end, decide what would work for your specific needs. But to be realistic, every one of their themes could be used for monetization.

And lastly, if by conversions you mean an online store, let’s say that for another post 🙂

In the end,  heck, let’s face it, no theme alone will improve conversion or help you make money. It’s more about the process that you use to take your potential customers through in order to get that conversion. And BTW, here are some more tips to consider when choosing that theme for your online store.

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