Will You Be at WordCamp US?

Just a little less than a month and it will be WCUS time!

If you are going to be there, let’s connect. I’m flying back across the pond to see all my WordPressers stateside. And there is nothing I like better than a good WordCamp.

I can be found in the hallway chats and the sponsor area. I may be doing some podcasting for Do the Woo, but if so, you will see me there either doing that or just plain WordCamping.

I would suggest we set up a time to make sure we see each other, but I don’t do that. Scheduling ones time at a WordCamp is not a pleasant thing to do. Too much pressure on both sides of the table. If it’s meant to be, we will find each other.

I will also be at contributor day so there’s that opportunity as well. Likely you will find me hanging mostly with the “community team”.

What else? Who knows. That’s what makes WordCamps so much damn fun.

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