Building WooCommerce Plugins with Scott DeLuzio from Amplify Plugins

Building WooCommerce Plugins with Scott DeLuzio from Amplify Plugins
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In episode 36 of our podcast, Brad Williams and I interview Scott Deluzio from Amplify Plugins.

Scott shares his own journey in the eCommerce space and how he moved to WooCommerce along the way. Not unlike a lot of guests we have had, he created a product first off to scratch his own itch and then decided to sell it publicly.

After the first product, Scott continued adding plugins and focused on the product side of things. Recently, he has turned his focus to eCommerce- related products and shares his reasons for that move as compared to selling a mix of different plugins.

Brad chooses one of his products, Quick Checkout Plugins and digs deeper into that with Scott, asking him if a single page checkout is still a plus in the shopping experience. I ask him how that plugin and his Conditional Checkout plugin play into the mix.

It’s interesting to hear Scott’s comparison of the two.

Lastly, since Scott has both sold and bought plugins, I ask him which is more challenging and he gives us some great insights into the process if you are ever considering selling one yourself.

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