WooCommerce 3.6 – New Blocks and Improvements

Recently the newest update of WooCommerce was released. Let’s look at what you can expect to find.

Eight New Product Blocks for Pages and Posts

Previous to this release, you needed to add the plugin WooCommerce Blocks. With 3.6, they are part of core to make it easy for you to insert any product into a post or a page.

Now you are not just limited to the product archive pages. When used wisely, this can come in handy for content based around specific products, giving more flexibility to smaller shops.

Products by Category Block

This has been a favorite for archive pages and on homepages of themes like Storefront, but categories are such an easy way to group your products and now display them on pages and posts.

Hand-picked Products Block

This one is very useful for showing a single product or a group of products specifically.

Best Selling Products Block

Again, the theme Storefront lets you pick up something similar to this on the homepage, but now you can list these on any post or page. They are automatically pulled in based on your sales. You can also filter them by categories.

Newest Products Block

Again, pulling in your most recent added products and allowing you to filter them by category.

On Sale Products Block

Similar to the last two blocks, but only for products on sale.

Top Rated Products Block

Based on reviews that include ratings.

Products by Attributes Block

You can also pull in products based on attributes if you are using variable products or some other aspect that uses attributes.

Featured Products Block

And lastly, the good old Featured products. What’s nice about this block is the product does not have to be set as a featured product in the WooCommerce settings. And it also doesn’t automatically tag the product as a featured product when you use this.

And since this is a pretty slick format, here is what the featured product looks like when we add it to the block with the options.

featured image inserted into block

Marketplace Suggestions

You will also find a new Marketplace Suggestions. For those who don’t want this to show, you can toggle it off and on in WooCommerce settings > advanced > WooCommerce.com.

These are pulled in from the 400+ extensions in the WooCommerce marketplace and are typically for the DIY’er who needs guidance on what they might need vs. spending hours looking for the right feature.

They will be found on your product page under the tab Get More Options. Each one can be dismissed by clicking on the X so you can narrow down what might be of interest to you.

The fact that they are down here is better than being in some prominent area that might cause distraction. This way, users who find the feature useful will use as needed.

Performance Improvements

There are a few distinct improvements that will speed up your site that are based on the Product Data Lookup Table. If you want to dig more into that, I would suggest you check out this post on their developer page. You can also learn about all the other small improvements and tweaks here.

New and Improved Admin Reports

Although this is not part of core, simultaneously a new release of the Admin Dashboard is bringing more reporting and analytics to your dashboard. With it comes new Activity Panels and a customizable dashboard. You can see the post here on the latest release or get it on WordPress.org.

Don’t forget, before updating always make sure you have backed up everything.

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