WooCommerce 3.8 Released

WooCommerce 3.8 was released and although a minor update, there are a few features worth looking at.

WooCommerce Blocks

In this post we talk about the new search block this gives you more flexibility. But with that comes these three additional review blocks.

  • Reviews by Product
  • Reviews by Category
  • All Reviews.

Since reviews are often the backbone of many stores, these three options certainly give you more flexibility.

All Reviews

WooCommerce All Reviews Block

Reviews by Product

This has the same settings that you can toggle of what is shown or not, but with the option to choose reviews for a single product.

WooCommerce Reviews by Product Block

Reviews by Category

And similarly, the option to choose by category.

Reviews by Category Block

The New Search Block

And of course, with this release came a new search block which you can learn more about here.

PHP 7.0 – Minimum Supported Version

There were no changes to the PHP requirements, but unless you have lived in a cave somewhere, the next release of WordPress 5.0 will require a 7.0 minimum. So you should be prepared for that.

Well, that’s if for this update. We can expect 3.9 in early January of 2020.

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