A Look at WooCommerce 3.2

Last week, a minor update came out for WooCommerce. I thought I would dive into it and share what’s new if you haven’t checked it out yet— or updated.

Applying Coupons to Existing Orders

This is kind of a cool feature for you as the store owner or admin. If there is a customer order and for any reason you need to add a coupon to it, now you can do that and the total will be recalculated. There are a lot of reasons this might come in handy for you.

If the order has not processed, you will now find an Apply Coupon button.

apply coupon option in WooCommerce

When you click that button, you get the option to put in the coupon code.

add coupon to order in WooCommerce

Then the order total will be automatically recalculated. Neat, huh?

coupon applied to existing order in WooCommerce

Changes in the WooCommerce Wizard

There are some changes for those who choose to run the wizard. It now allows you to hook up some services offered through Jetpack. Also, the order of things has been changed. Here are side-by-side shots, with the previous version on the left and 3.2 on the right.

As you can see on the first screen, the older version has been eliminated and all pages are automatically installed.

woocommerce wizard changes 1

Now the first page is actually the store setup,  replacing the store location page, and adds a couple of options.

woocommerce wizard store setup

Shipping comes next;  it has switched order with payments. The option to set up you shipping methods has been added if you want to activate them.

woocommerce wizard shipping changes

Payments setup is similar, but you can now use the WordPress services via Jetpack to create an account with Stripe more easily. But remember, there are many other payment gateways and, in fact, other plugins, that will connect you to Stripe.

WooCommerce wizard changes payment

Extras take the place of the separate theme step and allows you to activate the automated taxes. This again is through their services and you will need Jetpack installed to use it.

woocommerce theme and auto tax combined on wizard

The Activate step is a new addition. It reminds you and also gives you the option to activate Jetpack, whether you are doing it for the automated services or the additional features Jetpack has. Myself, I think this is a good option and for many who are new to WooCommerce, it can ease some of your initial pain points.

woocommerce wizard activate jetpack

Lastly, the final page of the wizard. Essentially not a lot of difference, but a bit more streamlined.

woocommerce wizard final step

One final note. After you have finished the wizard, you will see all the WooCommerce pages installed if you open your pages, as well as a helper to get you started with some more setup on your site.

WooCommerce pages installed

Drag-and-Drop Sorting on Grouped Product Field

Before you had to delete and add grouped products to rearrange them. Now it’s drag-and-drop.

Product Category Widget Change

You may also notice that the product category widget now has a new option to allow you to control the maximum depth of the categories.

category widget changes in woocommerce

New Info on Updates

If the plugin author has set it up, you will see which versions of WooCommerce have been tested and confirmed prior to updating the extension.

Other Stuff: Odds and Ends

Some of the other changes you may note:

  • Select boxes have been enhanced for accessibility for both checkout and in your admin.
  • The resend order details has been cut down to only one resend option.
  • The product category filter has been fixed to help you with any scaling issues.
  • The sorting dropdown when viewing search results has been added back—and a default to relevance vs. the date.
  • You can filter your extensions by their status.
  • A new notification icon under the extension menu item and the ‘my subscriptions’ showing you the number of extensions that can be updated.
  • And some more stuff for the developer types.

You can see the post over on WooCommerce here.

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