WooCommerce 4.1 Will Bring New Setup Wizard to All New Installs

WooCommerce 4.1 beta 1 has been released. As stated on their blog, it is primarily focused on stability and performance.

The one thing that will happen in seeing the New Setup Wizard in all new installs. Previously they have been rolling those out to a select group and testing it. So if you did a new install, you may or may not have experienced it.

Here is what it looks like.

start the wizard

activate woocommerce services

store details


product types

Under the business details there are a few options and also plugin suggestions as you will see in the next few screenshots.

business details number of products

business details currenty selling elsewhere

not selling elsewhere

yes another platform and physical store

When having the option to choose a theme, it does give you the choice of staying with your existing theme. Also, this screenshot obviously does not show all the theme options presented.


Each one of these steps has their own continued options.

setup store and start selling
add products

Add manually takes you to a new product page. Import products another part of the setup wizard.

import products

Migrate takes you to their Cart2Cart extension.

migrate products

The personalize your store again takes you to another menu where you can optionally import demo products, create a custom homepage, upload a logo and set a store notice.

personalize your store

The setup taxes detects that my site has Jetpack and gives me the option to connect there or to do this manually.


And lastly, payments. Again, you will go through a few wizard steps for this.


Obviously the option of using the Wizard is totally your choice as previous versions. And the same goes for specific steps as well.

This new Setup Wizard is aimed for the new store owner but it can also save the seasoned WooCommerce user some time.

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