WooCommerce and the Enterprise Space with BobWP and Brad Williams

WooCommerce and the Enterprise Space with BobWP and Brad Williams
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In our debut episode of our WooCommerce podcast, Brad Williams from WebDevStudios joins me in some talk around WooCommerce, the enterprise space and other various things.

WooCommerce has been finding its feet in the enterprise space and according to Brad, we are just on the cusp. We started the show by defining enterprise. Some people may jump to conclusions based on how the word is used.

We also chatted about how it’s growing in the WooCommerce space, and becoming even more defined in the WordPress arena. Also, what this growth means and whether we will be seeing more WooCommerce sites for the larger online stores and retailers.

Brad shared touched tips as well for agencies who are thinking of getting into the enterprise space. It’s tempting. Large companies have large budgets but with that come the other issues you will need to deal with when working with corporations— or any large business. It’s a whole different world compared to building sites for small businesses.

We chatted about the recent decision of WalMart’s to close dozens of Sam’s Clubs and the fact that we will continue to see more of this as online buying becomes more prevalent and the masses of people, including yours truly, who are shopping on sites like Amazon.

Speaking of the “A” word, our conversation ended with Brad sharing an article he read lately about the art of Amazon shipping. If you wonder why Amazon often ships products in oversized boxes, and you think you may know the answer, you will want to listen to this. It was fascinating.

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