From the WP eCommerce Show: The Open Web, eCommerce and WordPress with Jonathan Wold.

Take WordPress. Its mission is very aligned with open web principles. It was built on the four freedoms of open source software. Its mission was to democratize publishing.

The way that I think of it is if I were to broaden that, it’s really to democratize the creation: being able to create things on the web. Publishing can mean any number of things. Blogging was sort of the first focus of that expression.

eCommerce and what it represents

It’s the democratization of commerce, right? That’s how we think about that. If someone creates something, it doesn’t even have to be a tangible. There are all sorts of things that you could do within that world.

WooCommerce at its core mission is democratizing it. Let’s make it so we empower merchants themselves and that any person who has an idea can sell it. Someone can be out in the middle of nowhere with a little farm or they’re making something and they can connect with people who care about the product and are happy to buy it. These are people who wouldn’t know that it exist otherwise.

So at its heart that’s what WooCommerce is about.

How do we democratize commerce?

It’s not just the the expression of buying on the web anymore. If you think about it, we, have the web increasingly interfacing with physical devices, being able to take payments onsite and facilitate those types of actions. Maybe someone wants to have a fruit stand and people say, Oh, can you take credit cards? Yeah, you can do that. You can figure out how to bridge that physical gap as well.

For those reasons, I see a lot of similarities. I talk a lot about WordPress and this idea of an operating system for creating on the open web with WooCommerce is very much the same thing. It’s an operating system for commerce on the web.

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