WooCommerce Beginner and Store Owner Meetups are Primed for Woo Builders

Over the last several months, the focus of WooCommerce meetups having been moving more towards store owners and DIY’ers. This make a lot of sense as those are the people who really need help and community.

At the same time, developers, builders and designers who have been in the ecosystem may be feeling a bit left out. Or scavenging around for meetups with peers and colleagues, looking for a place where code runs deep.

But Woo builders shouldn’t neglect the meetups.

A Chance to Help the Merchants and Beginners

You may spend you time in Facebook groups, on Slack or perhaps some other platform, answering questions and perusing conversations for insights. But often the noise can get in the way.

A meetup gives you a better glimpse into the needs of the attendees. And with your expertise, you are an incredible asset to the meetup community. What is second nature to you as far as a solution, can be an ah-ha moment to someone else.

A Chance to Listen and Learn

We are always learning. And for a builder, it’s not always about learning that new line of code. It’s about listening to the user and hearing their needs and challenges. This comes at you in so many ways during a meetup. It could be something as simple as relating it to your own client projects or the next product that you build. Their pain points can be a gold mine.

Sitting back and listening to a group of beginners or store owners can bring you a sense of the ecosystem you will never find hanging with a bunch of colleagues and talking code or how to run your business.

Think of it this way. You may spend a lot of time working on support through your own client or customer base. You may get feedback in chats or questions you directly ask them. But getting that bigger picture of the ecosystem is so valuable.

Don’t Forget Other Resources

I’ll be writing another post about beginner resources at some point. And this is something, as a builder, you need to know. What are some of the best resources out there? If you send a potential or existing customer/client to a resource to help them learn even more, that’s a win-win.

Listen to this podcast where are talk with two WooCommerce developers who are proof that attending meetups are valuable.