Offer a Currency Converter for Your WooCommerce Online Store

If your site is not set up to show customers in other countries what a product will cost on your WooCommerce site, you may want to give them that option with a simple widget.

The Currency Converter Widget for WooCommerce

It can be frustrating for a customer to figure out what a product will cost them in their own currency. You will be able to tell from both sales and your analytics how much of your traffic this affects, but it might be worth digging a bit deeper into.

When you install the Currency Converter widget, it will use an Open Exchange Rate API from WooCommerce, but if you want, you might choose to get your own to enter here under your General Settings in WooCommerce:

As with any widget in WordPress, the main settings for it will be in the widget itself, which you will find under Appearance > Widgets.

As you can see, there are a few settings for the widget. First, you will set the currency codes. By default both US and EUR are there, but of course you can add or delete as needed. I have also added CAD which is Canadian dollar. There will be a link to the list of currency codes in the WooCommerce documentation of this extension.

The other options are self-explanatory and the Currency Display Mode has the choice of Buttons or Select Box. The widget message clarifies that the conversions are just an estimate, so this is probably best to leave as is, unless you want to reword it.

If we go to our store, now we find it in the sidebar.:

If we click on the EUR button, we we are seeing the conversion on the product prices.

And lastly, Canadian dollars.

As you can see, this widget is best used if you have a minimum number of currency exchanges you want to offer. Otherwise, the widget could get cumbersome with too many options listed.

You can learn more about the Currency Converter Widget here.