How to Get Your Featured Product to Show First on Pages in Your WooCommerce Store

The ability to mark a product as a Featured Product in WooCommerce allows you to filter them out on shop and archive pages. And many themes and extensions will also take advantage of the featured image.

But in order to have your featured images take priority over other images on archive pages, that’s another matter. And unless you are able to do something with the code, it may seem out of your hands.

The Featured Listing for WooCommerce Extension

This easy-to-use extension solves that problem. You will find the settings under WooCommerce > Settings > Products > General. It allows you to enable it on all your product pages, shop page, taxonomy (categories and tags) page or the search results page.

settings for featured listing

Here I have chosen three products as my featured products.

Now if I was to go to my shop page, I will find these three at the top.

featured listings on shop page

By clicking on the archive page of my camcorder category, the two that are featured products show up first.

featured listing for taxonomies

And if I were to do a search for camera, the one featured product would be listed first.

featured listing for camera search results

It’s that simple. An easy way to make sure featured products are showing up where you want them to. You can find the Featured Listing for WooCommerce extension here.