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WooCommerce Job Listings Coming to Do the Woo

While I was putting together the pieces of this next iteration of Do the Woo, it occurred to me that there isn’t a place where you can find jobs to make use of your WooCommerce skills.

The Do the Woo Job Listings

Of course, the first thing you might be thinking of is a job board. But I am purposely avoiding this for two reasons.

  • A real job board is a lot of work and is often a dedicated site.
  • I didn’t want it to be viewed as an official WooCommerce job board

I wanted to make sure that the job listings are at companies I know and trust. And it wasn’t going to be a place where anyone can post, or where I publish listings for work wanted. There are plenty of sites out there for that. I just wanted to curate some great positions and have them in a central place.

Job openings at Friends of Do the Woo

A part of the site is called Friends of Do the Woo. I will be giving you more details about that later, and of course, you will get a better understanding of it once the site launches. But the jobs that are listed will come specifically from the companies of Friends of Do the Woo.

I am not in the business to weed out who can or cannot apply nor will I review any submissions. I am not qualified, nor should I be making those decisions. There will simply be the description of the position on my site with a link that will take you to their site.

The outcome of this is a win-win situation.

First, it will give those looking for positions in the Woo ecosystem a central place to find professional positions that are available.

Secondly, it rewards the companies who support me though Friends of Do the Woo.

Having talked to several people over the last two to three months, I learned about some of the pieces that are missing in the Woo community. While many of the elements I will be putting into place at launch, and others will organically grow out of the site, my goal remains: to be a connector for the WooCommerce builder community.