How to Create Limited-time Offers and Deals Using WooCommerce

If you use WooCommerce, whether you sell products or services, or even a mix, there are times when you want to offer a limited deal, say a 60% discount for just a few hours. Or perhaps there is a product that you want to sell for a limited time. Or a special service. Whatever the case, giving your customer a visual that shows the urgency of making a purchase right now, and being able to schedule it, is priceless. This is where the Scheduler for WooCommerce plugin comes in.

Schedule Sales and Promotions on Your WooCommerce Store

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As with most plugins, you have your global settings with the option of showing a countdown timer. There are options to customize the text that will appear on the product page as well as the time colors.

global settings for woocommerce scheduler plugin

Scheduling a Product

Scheduling a product is straightforward and is found under the Product General Settings, with a start and end time and date. You can also toggle the product to be hidden until the offer is available. The latter is a good option if you want people to anticipate the availability.

settings for scheduling a single product

If we check out the product before it’s available and don’t have it hidden, this is what we will see:

product before it is available

And once it’s available:

when product is available

And if you choose to show it even after it’s not available:

product is not available

Creating Bulk Availability

If you would like to make several products available during the same limited time, you can do this easily by product or category.

bulk scheduling

Scheduling Product Variations

The ability to schedule a variation of product is a cool option. For example, if the red t-shirt is only available during a certain time, within the variable product, you can add the timer.

schedule product variations

If we look at this shirt in black and medium, there is no timer displayed.

black tshirt not scheduled

But if we choose the large red t-shirt, the time is displayed.

red tshirt availability

As you can see, this gives you control over exactly what products you want listed for limited availability.

You can probably imagine other ways of using this. If you sell professional services using WooCommerce, you could offer various one-time deals and packages easily through your site.

If you are looking to get the most out of the urgency of limited availability for either your products or services, check out the Scheduler for WooCommerce plugin.