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WooCommerce News and Events Coming Your Way

As I get closer to the official launch, here is yet another benefit you will find at the new Do the Woo if you are a WooCommerce builder.

WooCommerce News on Do the Woo

If you’ve been following the news part of this site, you know that it originally started out as a weekly roundup which gave a bitesize overview of news that I came across. This worked fine for awhile.

Then earlier this year, I made the choice to go the direct route and publishing news posts when they happen. At the same time I chose not to include product releases. I wrote about how I am breaking this out earlier this week.

What Kind of News to Expect

Obviously, the rate of the news coming out will be determined by what results I get from scouring the web as well as from builder submissions.

I may write about new launches if I feel they are newsworthy. I may also include agency news, highlights within the WooCommerce community and, of course, what is going on at

Some editorial and opinion posts will be mixed in— from myself and select people in the ecosystem.

The other part worth mentioning is how the news will be presented. As I have in the past few news posts, there is also audio available through the Do the Woo News Podcast. And I will be extending that to the medium of video. This will bring in added perspectives on the news as I add snippets around stories with insights and commentaries from experts throughout the Woo ecosystem. I can safely say that organically this part of the site will grow as I find new avenues and ways to present the news.

As in the past, there will be a place for anyone in the community to submit a potential news story.

The Do the Woo Event Calendar

We start with baby steps.

On the site, you will find a calendar where we are going to be listing WooCommerce- centric events for builders. Obviously, these will still be virtual events, such as online conferences or smaller gatherings. In addition, I will be looking for webinars and other virtual events that are tied into the needs for a Woo builder.

It will also include Slack events and other notable dates from, as well as our own Do the Woo events. Our first slated virtual event is a WooCommerce Developer meetup. Although I cannot possibly list each WooCommerce meetup that takes place worldwide, I will make sure to provide a link to the page for WooCommerce meetups.

As with the news, there will be a form to submit your event to be considered for inclusion in our calendar.