Do the Woo Roundup: WooCommerce News – April 24, 2020

Do the Woo Roundup: WooCommerce News – April 24, 2020
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WooCommerce news, eCommerce news and new products and services for WooCommerce from this last week.

WooCommerce News

WooCommerce 4.1 Release Candidate Available Now

A New Mindsize And New CEO – Mindsize, an industry leader in WooCommerce site development and performance is expanding their services to meet their clients’ needs in the eCommerce space. They are shifting from eCommerce agency to digital agency with a full suite of products and services covering their clients’ digital issues. In addition, Rian Kinney, Director of Operations since August 2019, will now take on the role of Mindsizes’s CEO.

New WooCommerce Online Course: Build Your Online Store with WordPress – This new course is offered by Bud Kraus, WordPress site developer and educator, and founder of Joy of WP. The course blends demonstrations, presentations and hands-on exercises over two days to help you build your WooCommerce site and start selling.

Sell and List Products on Google for Free – in our news brief we highlighted this breaking news where Google announced that it is now free to sell on Google shop. This is primarily a result of the current threat to the retail sector, and specifically for the smaller businesses that are now struggling.

WP FeedBack Virtual Summit – This free online event runs from April 27 – May 1 with 30+ WordPress agency owners, developers and marketers to help you grow your agency or freelance business. Although the summit is not eCommerce- or WooCommerce-centric, you’ll get there a lot of information to help you with your WooCommerce agency, freelance or product in business.

New Extensions and Plugins

FooEvents Adds Zoom Integration – FooEvents, a popular ticketing extension for WooCommerce, has added integration with Zoom which is very timely because it allows you to sell tickets and manage virtual events easily.

Remove WooCommerce Billing Address Fields for Free Checkout PluginThis free plugin removes the billing address fields when total due at checkout is $0. Helps speeds up the checkout process for free/no cost virtual and downloadable products.

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