Do the Woo Roundup WooCommerce News: February 21, 2020

Here’s what we found this week by way of submissions and scouring the web. Updates, trends and new products.

WooCommerce News

WooCommerce Partners with Square to Sell CBD Products – The industry of CDB products online continue to boom and restrictions around payment gateways have been a struggle. Now you are able to use Square with your WooCommerce store to sell these products. There are still guidelines that need to be followed when using Woo for CBD and Other Hemp-Derived Products. You can also listen to our latest podcast where we chatted more about this and the challenges around CBD products.

InfoCaptor WooCommerce Reporting Plugin – This new plugin brings several reports and dashboards to your WooCommerce metrics. The broader pieces that is covers includes Sales KPI, Order Metrics, Custom Analytics, Product Metrics and Tax Reports. The product sales even includes a heatmap report. It brings quite a bit of metrics to your dashboard as well as some extended filtering options.

WooCommerce Community Chat Notes #6 – The community chats on Slack are picking up again. It gives you a great opportunity to catch up on some current Woo, ask questions and contribute to the conversation. You can see the notes to the latest chat as well as plan on joining the next one on February 27th. Again, this is on the WooCommerce Slack in the #core channel.

Note: there was a news break on pricing at WooCommerce. We are waiting for a formal announcement from WooCommerce before sharing.

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