Do the Woo Roundup WooCommerce News: February 28, 2020

Here’s what we found this week by way of submissions and scouring the web. Updates, trends and new products.

WooCommerce Introduces Their Own Payment Gateway in BetaThis was just put out in beta on invitation only, but it’s huge news. Personally, I feel this is a positive leap in adding this new gateway, especially for beginners and making what can be a pain point much simpler. We will continue to cover this as it’s just in the beginning stages.

WPSiteSync Released for WooCommerce Stores – WPSiteSync, known for it’s ease of syncing your WordPress content, post and pages, to your staging or local install now gives you the ability to continue to do work on your WooCommerce store while sending new content when you need to.

Integrating The New WooCommerce Navigation Bar – If you are an extension developer, this post is for you. It shows you how you can integrate your extensions into the new navigation coming via 4.0 next month.

VET Payments Soon Available in 4M WooCommerce Shops – More than 4 million merchants on the WooCommerce platform will now be able to seamlessly accept payments in VET, the native cryptocurrency of the VeChain network. VeriArti, a digital marketplace focused on art and collectibles, has created a plugin that allows any WooCommerce merchant to accept VET.

CedCommerce Announces WooCommerce Discogs Integration Solution Enabling Hassle-free Selling – WooCommerce Discogs integration solution launched by CedCommerce focuses on easing the seller journey. Discogs is home to the world’s biggest musical records collection online.

Flexible Checkout Fields vulnerability – If you or someone you know is using the free version of the Flexible Check Fields plugin, either update immediately or replace it. This apparently has been a vulnerability since its release.

WooCommerce 4.0 Release Candidate – time to test.

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