Do the Woo Roundup: WooCommerce News – May 1, 2020

Do the Woo Roundup: WooCommerce News – May 1, 2020
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Here we go with WooCommerce news, eCommerce news and new products and services for WooCommerce from this last week.

WooCommerce News

WooCommerce 4.1 Release Candidate 2 Available Now – May 5th date for the release of 4.1.

WooCommerce Community Chat – The developer community chat took place on WooCommerce’s Core channel on Slack. It covered WooCommerce 4.1, what’s happening in future release cycles and a few odds and ends, including Woo payments. They are also musing about what these community chats are going to look like in the near future.

xSellco Offers eDesk Solution Free to New Customers – To help online store owners during this increased demand, it offers services related to supply chain, fulfillment processes and delivery timing with its eDesk solution. WooCommerce is supported and this offer lasts through September 2020.

New Extensions and Plugins

Product Likes Extension Released – This simple plugin allows you to add like buttons to your WooCommerce products on product pages, category pages and archive pages. It can be used for guests and logged-in users.

Category Limit for WooCommerce Plugin – A new free plugin that allows a customer to purchase from one or more parent categories for each order. With it, you can limit maximum categories and exclude categories from the limit.

More eCommerce

Google is Giving Away $340 million in free Google Ads – Following the recent news of Google Shop free access, they are now offering Google Ad credits to small businesses if you have used their platform since the beginning of 2019. These credits can be redeemed through the end of this year and used for search, display, YouTube and Google Shopping advertisements.

Study Reveals eCommerce Shopping Patterns That Hint at the New Normal – 2Checkout’s report gives store owners a glimpse into what they can expect in the near, and maybe distant, future. There is an upward trend in digital goods such as software based multimedia tools, collaboration and security solutions. Physical goods did not show any significant increase.

Google Tightens Reins on Advertisers – Soon, Google will require all advertisers to prove their legitimacy regardless of the advertising content. This is a result of complaints growing around falsified news and misleading ads on its ad networks. The change will allow customers to view who is running the ad by clicking on a Why this ad placement.

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