WooCommerce Opportunities Grew in 2020 and Will Continue

A lot of the growth that we’ve seen has been because of the pandemic directly. But most people predict that’s not going to stop, even five, 10 years from now when this is all behind us. The thinking is that any new business, any startup business, like a brick and mortar type of shop, they will be and should at least be thinking online first.

Clients Who Are Ready vs. Reactive

The bigger question will be how does the brick and mortar support that? Because if something happens, another pandemic comes along, what are they going to do? There’s so many shops and stuff affected that we’re not ready for that. They literally had to stop business completely for months and months and months while they tried to scramble and figure out how they can get online.

With mom and pop shops that are selling physical goods, there are some platforms, but WooCommerce is right up there as a top competitor and option for people. As a result, this growth is expected to continue.

Once we’re past this pandemic and back to whatever the new normal looks like, the mentality of online first will be there. As a result, businesses are we going to be ready versus being reactive to that situation.

So this is a great opportunity to get in there, start learning and start building because people are asking and will continue to ask about getting started in WordPress. Or they may want to start a company since the situation has naturally lent them towards doing it professionally. But they will want to know, where do I start?

Getting Into the eCommerce Opportunities

When looking at opportunities, we used to say themes. Yeah. Do themes. And that got saturated. And there’s Gutenberg.

Then we were talking plugins and extension. It might appear to be saturated, but it will grow as new technology grows, and there will be needs for more more niche products.

So you really want to get into this WooCommerce market now. A lot of people already in the space are saying that they think this is the prime opportunity to really be digging into WooCommerce and set yourself up because there’s going to be a lot of work in the foreseeable future.

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