WooCommerce Introduces Their Own Payment Gateway in Beta

WooCommerce payments is now being offered by invitation only and is in beta.

Already one news source has shared this information with a few details and WooCommerce does have a page on their site where you can sign up. Another post followed suit, but any speculation is just that at this point in what is being said. They are in beta and as noted, there is a long roadmap ahead.

Transaction fees are comparable to PayPal or Stripe. They are 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction with no setup or monthly fees. Right now it is only available US issued cards during beta and not sure what the timeline will show us.

I am holding my own thoughts and opinions as we move deeper into this and will revisit once it’s out of beta and we can give it a fair evaluation. But initially, I feel this is a great move and option for WooCommerce.

We will have Paul Maiorana on our podcast in a couple of weeks and you will be able to learn more about it then.

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