Sponsored Tutorial Post - WooCommerce Extensions and Plugins

Think of it as an educational post that lies between an overview and a tutorial.

These are not reviews. We don't list the pros and cons. We aren't here to bash your product. We simply want to share its features and strengths and let our readers make the final decision. It's more about educating than reviewing.

It Gets You Guaranteed Publication

We cannot possibly cover all the great products out there. And while we continue to make our own editorial decisions on what we publish, this option gives you the opportunity to share your product with our readers.

The fact is, people love our posts because we don’t pull any punches. I write them in a way readers can understand, so they walk away with a better sense of exactly what the product can do for them.

And you get guaranteed publication.

Sponsored Post Video

  • Approximate 10 minute video going over the features
  • Up to 300 words synopsis of your product and bulleted features. (no screenshots)
  • Shared on socal accounts
  • Video on YouTube Channel
  • Included in weekly newsletter

Sponsored Post Combo

  • Everything included in both the video and text and screenshots

Sponsored Post Text and Screenshots

  • Up to 1,000 words and screenshots of a walkthrough
  • Shared on social accounts
  • Included in weekly newsletter

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