Add Products Easily to Pages and Posts with WooCommerce Product Blocks

With the new WordPress editor, we are seeing more and more blocks coming our way. WooCommerce is no exception, as the Product Blocks give you the ability to display your products on any page or post. And as these blocks grow, we will keep this post updated.

The WooCommerce Product Blocks

As you can see here, when adding a block to our page or post, we have several WooCommerce blocks available to us.

WooCommerce blocks wordpress

Hand-picked Products

This gives you the control to display specific products. For example, if you wanted to add a single product to a post or a page. You will see that you can also choose the number of columns and order your hand-picked products.

Best Selling Products

This one will pull in your best-sellers, but at the same time you can set the columns and rows as well as display by filtering categories.

Products by Category

This was the original block that first came out with this plugin. You can choose the categories you want, filter them the same as you would in your hand-picked block, and again, set columns and rows.

Also note that in most of these blocks once you have set it, you can come back and for example, you will see in the sidebar that we can edit existing categories that had been previously chosen.

Featured Products

Initially you have the choice of selecting a single featured product.

But once it is placed, you are going to find three options including some styling of the block. Toggling the description and price to show or not show it, and an overlay color with control over opacity.

The Remaining Blocks

The other blocks are very similar with slight differences with filtering. Instead of screenshots of each of those, here what they will do for you.

Newest Products and Top Rated Products

You can set columns and rows and filter by product category.

On-Sale Products

You can set columns and rows, filter by category and order by the selections previously shown.

As you can see, there are several ways to bring in your products to individual pages or posts on your online store. You can get the WooCommerce block plugin over on