WooCommerce Product Bundles Plugin for Mobile Shoppers

Can you imagine what online shopping will like five to ten years from now? Will VR and holograms be common? Fact is, many businesses are preparing for the trends of the future right now.

Whether it is buying clothes, books, boxes of donuts, tool kits, SaaS-based services, or something else, for most shoppers, the search begins on their mobile devices. Today, 40% of online transactions occur through phones.

We want to make sure our store is ready for mobile shoppers— no matter what product or combination of products our customers choose.

Bundling Products on Your WooCommerce Store

Product bundles constitute a major sales strategy in the eCommerce world for increasing average order value. Simply put, product bundling is combining different complimentary items and selling them to customers as one single package. For example: A shaving kit that includes a razor, shaving gel, aftershave balm, blades, and brush.

Customers are getting a value deal (and it’s easier for them to buy a single pack instead of individual products)— and your average purchase order goes up.

Some options allow customers to pick their own bundles, mixing and matching products to create assortments. This works fine in a physical store or on a big screen. But because many buyers shop on their phone, you need to make sure their experience is optimal even on mobile devices.

Selling Bundles to Mobile Shoppers using WISDM Custom Product Bundles

The plugin developed by WisdmLabs is similar to other plugins in its category, except that it offers designed layouts.

With this extension, you’ll be able to:

  • Create product bundles and pre-filled kits
  • Offer shopping deals on the bundles
  • Allow customers to mix and match products and build their own assorted bundles
  • Dynamically price the bundles
  • And, a lot more.

One of its main features is Modern Layouts. These layouts go beyond your usual desktop version and are modernized to m are them mobile-friendly.

These modern layouts are focused on being intuitive and offering an app-like experience, thereby, making it convenient for your customers to shop for bundles through their phones, giving them the control to move smoothly through different product bundles.

How do the layouts impact mobile buyers?

Since modern layouts are mobile-first designs, they automatically adjust the product thumbnails as per the screen size of your customers’ phones. This makes it easier for buyers to view the product bundles.

Some of the main features:

  • Showing a price breakup and list of all the products in a single glance, which eliminates endless scrolling.
  • Enabling your customers to check out additional details of the product box in a single click without leaving the page.
  • Allowing customers to view details for each add-on and its description in the box by adding each add-on in their box through a popup window, making shopping more convenient.

The layout options are available in the backend of your WordPress store where you can choose layout designs and orientation of your product boxes – horizontal or vertical. It’s important to find one that fits your store’s design.

Since the plugin comes with mobile-friendly layouts, you don’t have to create a customized one for your users.

By adding the mobile option, you are increasing transactions by opening up your store to a large mobile user base that prefers to shop on their phones.

And with the customizer options, you can create your bundle pages to compliment the brand, color, and style of your shop or theme.

Learn more about the WISDM Custom Product Bundles plugin and try their free 15-day trial here.