Give Your Customers Documentation with Your WooCommerce Products

For so many products, documentation is key. Sure it’s great to have it online and accessible somewhere, but that is often a matter of waiting until the customer purchases the product or they just end up scouring the site. Wouldn’t it be nice to offer something easier that may not cost you a sale? Because if you have it, good documentation matters.

The Products Document extension makes it easy to offer these docs conveniently below the product’s short description, in a sidebar or heck, using the Custom Tabs extension, in a tab using the shortcode.

Adding Documents to Your WooCommerce Products

When you install the extension, the configuration is a single option of a default Products Document title.

product documents title label in settings

Setting Up the Documentation on the Product

Next you will find an option for Product Documentations as a tab on the product page. You are able to override the title you set in your WooCommerce settings. You can also toggle the documents on and off here.

You can easily add as many sections and documents as you want by adding the name, label and the URL, either for the page or the PDF of the document.

As you can see here, I have added three documents and split up into two sections. The first two are labeled instructions which include a PDF booklet and a video. The second I have opted to offer a free ebook as well here.

adding documents to a product

As you can see here, the instructions is set as a default, so the dropdown of the docs is open and either can be clicked on to download.

product with instructions

And I can toggle the Podcasting eBook as well.

second option toggled

The Products Document Widget

If you prefer to have the documents in the sidebar you can add the WooCommerce Product Documents widget.

product documents widget

And then on your product page, disable the show product documentation.

toggle off display docs for widget

By toggling that off, it will be displayed only in the sidebar widget for the corresponding product. And if the product has no documentation, the widget apparently will not show.

documentation in the sidebar

Using the Shortcode

There are also two shortcodes that you will be able to use. One is similar to the widget and allows you to add it anywhere on your product page. The other option is to add documentation from any specific product on any page or post.

This would be a great way to use WooCommerce Custom Tabs and create a tab on your product page just for documentation.

This is extension is very versatile and allows you to provide customers with any kind of documentation, no matter the medium.

You can include sample chapters of a book, specific images, or other creative videos that help to sell the product. It could even be a post on your blog with a customer’s story about their own experience with your product. The list goes on and on.

So check out the Products Document extension over on WooCommerce.