WooSesh: A Free WooCommerce Virtual Conference for Store Builders

If you build stores with WooCommerce, WooSesh is your must-attend virtual conference. And since it’s virtual, there’s no cramped airline seat to squeeze yourself into—and no cash to dish out for that flight, your hotel, or, as a matter-of-fact, your ticket.

WooSesh, October 18th-19th on Your Local Web Browser

Two of my good friends have pulled this event together. Both Brain Richards and Patrick Rauland have massive experience at the intersection of WooCommerce and education. So when you put those two brains together, you get the ultimate WooCommerce event.

This virtual conference isn’t just for developers. It’s for anyone who has a part in building a WooCommerce site. Day one is for the latter. Sessions include the details of proper store setup, how to improve your workflow and strategies for ensuring that you have continued success with your WooCommerce store.

Day two is for those who actually enjoy writing code. Those sessions will be all about coding, plus info on tooling, performance and improvements.

And the sessions are coming from top-notch peeps in the WooCommerce space:

woosesh speakers

It’s More Than Watching Presentations

Attending WooSesh will not cost you a dime. In fact, WooCommerce has stepped up to the plate to cover your cost, which would have been $200 a ticket and now is zero.

The key to the free cost is that you need to attend the conference live. (This can be from your away office, your home office, your living room, or your own backyard). And it will be more than just passively watching. There will be a virtual hallway track where you can chat with friends and colleagues and make new connections. Oh, and don’t forget swag—virtual swag. I’m sure there will be some goodies there, too.

Get Your Ticket

All you have to do is claim your ticket here. You can also keep up to date by following WooSesh on Twitter.

And if you want to hear more about how this event evolved plus some great WooCommerce tips, listen in:

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