Give Your WooCommerce Store Customers Special Deals and Gifts with a Spin of a Wheel

You may have seen them on other sites. A wheel that you can spin to get a discount. Or better yet a special gift. An interactive spinning of a wheel might just be the touch that makes your store stand out.

Many people watch a show like Wheel of Fortune. Others find their luck (or not) it at carnivals and casinos. A wheel spinner on your store might be a way to retain more customers and increase interactions and conversions.

WooWheel. Spinning Out the Deals

The WooWheel extension, gives your customers the chance to spin for a prize after customer registration, adding a product to a cart, or order completion.

Once you have it installed and activated, you will find the settings under WooCommerce > Settings > Woo Wheel.

General Settings

The General Settings consist mostly of customizing the text fields. But you can also toggle sound off and of as well as set coupon duration. With hours as an option, this gives you a chance to give the coupon some urgency.

woo wheel general settings

Design Settings

These settings are straightforward and literally control all the colors.

woo wheel design settings

Slice Design

Now you get to add the different prizes to the wheel. You can select an existing coupon, have no prize or link to another page. You are also able to use the Auto-Generated Coupon that will use whatever value you set.

The other important piece here is the chance in percentage. Obviously if you have a range of discounts you will need to be able to control the number that is given away. You can do the math and get as precise as you want with the results that will come out of the giveaways.

woo wheel create slices

Here I have set up six slices using various options:

woo wheel slices created

Display Settings

There are a few options for where and when you want this displayed. Also, you can hide it from mobile, which is a nice touch.

You have the choice of offering it to them before or after they make a purchase, which is a helpful control depending on what you are offering them.

Woo wheel display settings


You will be able to track what has been given away and to who, as well as number of wins, losses and plays.

The Woo Wheel in Action

As you can see here, I have added an item to my cart which would activate the wheel, but since I am not logged in, I will get this message.

Next, this appears if they are logged in and have added an item to their cart (the option I have toggled on).

An example of one spin:

And an example if they hit a winner. As you can see, it displays the generated coupon then and there.

Here is a short video that shows me adding to the cart and then taking a spin.

The only thing I would have liked to see is the option to have it show up on specific pages. Maybe that will come down the road.

So if you are looking to have interactions with your visitors and customers, you could obviously get very creative with what you will give away and when. You can check out the Woo Wheel extension here.