WordCamp Europe 2023

WordCamp Europe 2023. Amazing.

If I could put every experience I had, every conversation, and every laugh or hug here in this post, I would. But it would be a very long post and, of course, I would have discovered something I missed, or several things, thus even a longer post.

This was my second WordCamp Europe, but my first living here in Porto, Portugal. That fact alone, and the love I am getting from the community here, would be worth a post in itself.

The Community

It’s never surprising when I hear from anyone talk their experience at a WordCamp, community and people are always in there, often being what they loved most. And for me there is never an exception. New friends. Connecting with old friends. And so much laughter, and yes, food.

The Sponsors and the Venue

The venue was fantastic. Although I must admit at first it was a bit overwhelming as the sponsors winded around different parts and hallways. Some of the small biz sponsors were concerned being off the beaten path, but that changed quickly, at least for the ones I talked to.

Fact is I started going around to the booths, meeting people, saying hi to others and stopping for so many hugs and conversations, it took me 3 hours just to do that. On the second day, I spent an hour easily just with the Small Biz sponsors.

Now I talk to a lot of WordPress businesses and I know there are always questions about sponsoring WordCamps and the value behind it. So I am going to share a great post from my friend Katie Keith from Barn2 Plugins, where she shares their first experience sponsoring. If you ever had questions about sponsoring, make sure and read it.

If you missed any of the sessions, or were not able to make it, you can find all of them here from the livestream.

As I said, there is a lot more I am still digesting and it will also settle in my brain just in time for WCUS. But I do want to thank the organizing team, the volunteers for their hard work in making it so amazing. And of course, the sponsors who make it possible.

I leave you with this. Some great WordPress peeps. (and a few taken by others, plus my mug occasionally).

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