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WordPress 6.3. My Heroes, the Release Squad and Contributors

The last time I wrote a post on a WordPress major release on this blog was sometime ago, where I was doing more tutorials and education pieces here. A previous focus of the life of this blog, now archived into oblivion.

But hey, can you imagine how many posts have been published and will still be published about 6.3? I cannot fathom that number.

The release, the people

I don’t have to tell you about the features. Nor do I really need to tell you about what makes this happen, and the incredible people who contribute their time and expertise to each release.

Well, I lied. On the latter, I do have to tell you. Because every time that a major release comes out, and I head over to WordPress.org to see the post. It’s always fun to read about the jazz artist that it was named after, revisit the features, but I always stroll to the bottom to see my heroes first.

The release squad and the contributors. And for each and every one of you, my sincere gratitude and appreciation for making this community what it is. Also, a big virtual hug.

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