WordPress Businesses See Growth with WooCommerce in 2020

Alex Denning runs Ellipsis, a market-leading marketing strategy and implementation for WordPress businesses. And, of course, naturally many sell WooCommerce products or services.

In a podcast I asked Alex what they saw from their perspective in 2020.

Massive WooCommerce Growth

So the big thing obviously, is the pandemic. We saw a massive increase in people looking for our clients solutions around WooCommerce and that started March, April. In terms of searches, there was about a 50% increase in WordPress search terms, and a huge amount of that was driven by WooCommerce.

The searches for WooCommerce per month went up by hundreds of thousands and month on month. And also year on year, they were up a significant amount as well, so that was obviously a big thing. So people were looking to get there, but it seems like an acceleration of digital transformation. And people who had stores, which did not have a web presence rapidly wanted to get a web presence.

And we saw a very large number of people choosing WooCommerce to do that. For our clients who are selling functionality that lets both solutions that let people do things with whatever their site is set up to do, things scaled pretty nicely as you’d expect in a product business. And so that’s driven a lot of growth within the ecosystem.

The maturity level of WooCommerce product businesses

We’re not quite the wild west of a couple of years ago. Say three to five years ago, you could build pretty much any functionality driven WooCommerce extension, and either sell it through woo.com or sell it through your own site, or a third party platform. You could pretty much make anything and make a lot of sales.

It’s not the case that there are loads of things that should exist which don’t exist at all these days, which is what happened there. And most of the time there is existing functionality, but there’s certainly to the flip side a tiny bit of maturity. But we’re probably five, 10 percent of the way there.

You can listen or read the full transcript of the podcast episode here.