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Privacy and Your Online Store with Attorney Rian Kinney

In this podcast, I am talking about what you can do to make sure you are compliant when it comes to your online store and privacy.

I had the chance to chat with Rian Kinney, eCommerce and privacy attorney, author and speaker as we looked at the bigger picture of privacy as it applies to our online stores. Although this is a broad topic, she shared some nuggets of wisdom to help anyone who is running an online store. I asked her:

  • How much can we rely on the privacy updates that came with WordPress 4.9?
  • Can the do-it-yourselfer handle it themselves?
  • What are two of the most overlooked areas of privacy?
  • How do you maintain your privacy policy?
  • How can developers protect themselves from issues involving client-built sites?
  • What else would you like to add to conversation about privacy?

We started out with the privacy options and tools that came out with WordPress 4.9. Although they are a decent start, there is much work to be done for online store owners to be in complete compliance with the GDPR and other privacy laws. From there, I wanted to know if it is realistic for DIY’ers to do this themselves. There is a lot of advice out there and much of it is misinformation. Although there are many things one can do themselves, to make sure you are in complete compliance, you likely will need some help.

I asked Rian what she sees as two of the biggest overlooked pieces in the privacy puzzle. And as with all things WordPress, there is maintenance. With changes in the law, changes in your site, etc., Rian gives some good tips on how to keep your privacy policy in good working order.

For the developers listening in, we talked a bit about how you can protect yourself from any issues that may come up down the road regarding the site and the store owner’s compliance.

I ended it with her tip about how marketing plays into the whole privacy issue.

You can learn more about Rian on her website, or follow her over on Twitter (@TheKinneyFirm )