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New Way to Share – Floating Social Bar Plugin

floating social bar plugin for wordpressOver the years I have tried and used different plugins for social sharing. Some have broken, other times I just found something better. And with the new Floating Social Bar plugin, it was the latter.

My friend Syed Balkhi over at WPBeginner and Thomas Griffin just came out with this plugin earlier this month. Now normally, I might wait awhile before grabbing a new, free plugin and dropping it on my site. But I know these guys, and I trust their work.

So why did I change?

First, this caught my eye on the plugins page.

Floating social bar is a light-weight WordPress plugin…

Light-weight is good. That means it doesn’t affect page load. It’s not bloated with excessive code. It’s what a plugin like this should be.

Then I saw this.

Plugin that adds a floating bar with share buttons to your blog posts, pages, and other post types. The floating ability allows this eye-catching bar to get you maximum shares.

Well, that sounds pretty cool.

[box type=”info”]Note: Since this post I have changed a couple of times, then returned to this plugin. But I have again changed and am now using Mashare. No other reason for the change except for something different :)[/box]

It’s easy to install and setup. It is limited to the five major social media platforms, but really, that’s all you need. You just drag and drop to activate which of these five you want to use. Also make sure you fill in your Twitter username. That way when someone shares, you Twitter handle will appear at the end. You will also see that other options come up as far as where you want to show this bar. For example, I have the options Landing Pages and Events because of the plugins that I use.

floating social bar updated

Depending on where you have selected to have the bar show, you can turn it off for individual posts, etc. as well. You may be asking Why would I do that?  Consider this. I have an events plugin installed. If I was to check the Events box, these would now appear on the posted events and people would be able to share them. Which is good. But what if some of my events were invitation only? Then I would have the option to hide the social bar on those specific events.

hide floating social bar

To see it in action, go to WPBeginner and click on any of their blog posts.

You can easily upload it to your dashboard by searching for it or you can learn more here.

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Bob Dunn
I'm BobWP, educator, podcaster and blogger. I have taught thousands of people how to set up their WordPress sites and grow them out. Having used WordPress since 2007, I bring those years of experience to our content in non-geeky sort of way.

20 comments on “New Way to Share – Floating Social Bar Plugin

  1. Hey Bob, had to come over and comment on this one. I installed it the very first day, removing Digg Digg which I ran for years. It looked pretty good, but on my marketing blog, Facebook and Google Plus buttons would often disappear on hover. On my fitness site, the only time you could see it display (and not even every time) would be at the first load of the page and then as soon as you would move the mouse, it was gone. Completely. I still run it on both but I am about to remove it as it just serves no purpose at this point of time.
    Also, if I have a blockquote at the very beginning of a post, the bar covers it and makes it look bad (guess it is because it “overlays’ the post and not adds before the post).

    1. Yeah it had been working great for me. And their latest update fixed that momentarily disappearing icons. But right before leaving to WordCamp bit of an issue started happening, so had to temp remove it. Going to contact Syed and see what is going on as I love the knight-weight of this one compared to Digg Digg or Share This

  2. Good to know as I’m looking for an alternative dto Digg Digg as it has issues with other plugins. It has completely disappeared from my site after last week there were some updates. I’ll try this one hoping it will work better.

    Thanks for the heads up Bob, and have a great weekend. Both of you. 🙂

    1. Hey Andrea, I know what you mean. I have used Digg Digg off and on and had to move to ShareThis for the same reasons. So I’m hoping this new one does the job…. so far so good!

  3. So your top buttons are added by the plugin, float nicely on desktop, stay fixed on mobile, and squish up a bit messy but at least are present in responsive layout.

    Your bottom buttons though seem very “fixed” (including not responding to mobile layout width), are they also created by this plugin or are they created with a different one?


    1. Hey Kim, actually the bottom buttons are pulled in with the Triberr plugin for commenting. I am playing around with it right now as Triberr has been huge for me. I know they have some bugs to work out in it…

  4. I like this plugin, but when i klik facebook like, blogpost not automatically share on facebook dan sometimes facebook like disappear from the blog, or because i am using adblock plus? I think it will be great if the plugin looks like on omgubuntu.co.uk with facebook share, not only facebook like. Are you know what the name plugin that used by omgbuntu?

    1. Hi Pandu, weird, wonder why that is happening. I haven’t had that experience yet. And it looks like the site you are talking about is using this same plugin as it does the same thing. I think they may have done some customizations to it though…

  5. Hey Bob – you seem to know your STUFF and I’m not getting anywhere on WordPress Support…. I am trying to launch a new site – and it uses a theme that allows for a custom header image. I’m an artist so that’s important! Visit my site and you’ll see. I had MediaFeather installed and whenever I tested the Facebook Share – it would take you there and offer you several thumbnails to choose from to share. I tried it with other sites with different share plugins and they all seem to do the same thing. They GRAB whatever images you have on the page to offer as a thumbnail – the problem is it Grabs my header which LOOKS HORRIBLE as a thumb! Any ideas???

    1. Hey Brian, yeah, I’ve heard that happen to a few people, and not sure what the best solution is… and wondering if it might be the theme has an issue. So obviously it’s not giving you any choice, which could be several things. Is this only on pages and/or posts? Also, wondering if there is a plugin that might be causing the issue. You might try deactivating them and seeing if that helps, and then do some detective work to find the culprit.

      1. I figured it out Bob :>) When you’re uploading images to your site… you should have a Set As Feature Image option in the lower right hand corner of your Add Page or Add Post screen – IF you’re posting directly through the Page or Post Visual Editor. Or you can upload the files to the Media Library – go to Add Page or Add Post and select Add Media – then select Set Feature Image on the left hand side.

        When you’re taken back to the Visual Editor – you will NOT see the image in the post. Hit Preview to see its placement.

        Now when you share that page or post to Facebook – your feature image will be the first image showing or the only one! Problem solved :>)

        1. Very cool, in fact I just wrote a post on the Featured Image… interesting that it works that way on your site… I have had several different themes and found some that the featured image will be pulled in while others, not so much. Will have to do some testing on that again. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hi Bob,

    Great write. I am using the plugin and it had worked well for me. Even my web host informed that it loads faster than… others. Not sure though.

    Personally, still considering it with Digg Digg, so let’s see how it goes. Appreciate the share mate.

    1. Reginald, thanks… and it’s funny, since the change in my theme, as I mentioned I went to another one, Digg Digg. Also, I wanted to be able to have the Buffer button added. But for some reason is was causing the strangest issue, whenever I shared a post from my site on Facebook, the intro content or excerpt would not pull in below the title, instead it read something like “I liked this post on BobWP”. Was very annoying. After some detective work it came down to Digg Digg. Not sure if it was conflicting with another plugin or not, but wasn’t going to waste a lot of time, and the removal of the Buffer button was going to end the world. So now I am using this one again, except I am not floating it… back to the happy place.

  7. Howdy just wanted to give you a quick heads up and let you know a few of the images
    aren’t loading correctly. I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue.
    I’ve tried it in two different web browsers and both show the same results.

    Here is my page – My It Works

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