WooCommerce 3.4 Beta Is Out

Yes, it’s getting time for another update. Although a minor update, they have added tools and features to help store owners become GDPR-compliant and deal with GDPR requests from customers.

A bit of what you can expect around GDPR includes:

  • Ability to add privacy policy text to checkout and account pages
  • Integration with the exporter coming in WordPress core
  • Tools to clean up (trash) and anonymize old orders which don’t need processing.
  • Tools to remove some optional fields from the checkout.

Another pretty cool thing coming is a new dashboard widget for multisite installs. The widget will show processing and on hold orders that the user has access to from across the multisite network. Store owners and managers will now be able to see the orders without going into each site separately. This has been something a lot of multi-site store owners have been waiting for.

Lastly, the GeoLight2 integration will make it so that a customer’s country will be automatically selected. 

You can see all the details here.

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