WPMainline Brings Us New Forums, Including WooCommerce Junction

My friend Jeff Chandler is back in the WordPress news arena, bringing his own unique flavor to delivering WordPress news in the style that only Jeff knows how to.

WooCommerce Junction

Aptly named for his train-themed site, WooCommerce Junction is one of several community forums that Jeff has started.

Personally, I am excited about seeing how this evolves. To be honest, I am sick of Facebook WooCommerce groups, or literally, anything to do with Facebook in general. But that’s another story.

So I wanted to ask Jeff what he envisions with the WooCommerce Junction.

The forum exists as a means for the community to help each other and discuss topics situated around WooCommerce. While there are existing groups on various platforms that do this, much of the information is stored behind semi-closed doors and is difficult to search. A forum is a perfect opportunity for folks to gather around, share knowledge, and have that knowledge be accessible and searchable in the months and years to come. And hey, starting from scratch means a blank slate but it also means less noise. If you have any questions, tips, or topics you’d like to discuss concerning WooCommerce, that section of the forum is a great place to do it.

Jeff Chandler, WPMainline.com

Of course, I am looking forward to everything that Jeff will be bringing back to the WordPress community, including the WP Mainline Podcast with Jeff and John James Jacoby at the controls.

I would suggest you check out WPMainline, subscribe and if you are looking for a new, fresh Woo community, jump on board.

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